Ryan Walker
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Kentucky
POT 722

I defended my dissertation in the Spring of 2013 and am now working industry. Feel free to contact me by email or find me on LinkedIn.

The reconstruction is out there.

Welcome to my web page.

My PhD work primarily focused on the theory and application of inverse problems. In a typical inverse problem, there is a process which generates data. While the data is measured and known, important features of the process which produced the data are not. The question to answer in an inverse problem is then: "under what circumstances, by what means, and to what extent can I determine the unknown aspects of the process from the known measurement data?"

Such questions form the basis for a vast field of pure and applied mathematics. These problems are known for their difficulty and their inherently interdisciplinary nature, as well as their connection to a number of very exciting technological applications. I am especially interested in the inverse problems of computed tomography where the task is to reconstruct a quality image of interior tissue structures without making a single incision.

If you're interested in inverse problems, tomography, or numerics, check out my research page. If you are looking for materials from courses I have taught, check out my teaching page. My computing page has some sample codes I've written for research, teaching, and for fun. And if that's not enough, check out my links page for some other things I enjoy.

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