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Avinash Sathaye sathaye@uky.edu Fall  2016 Teaching Schedule:  

History of Math.

Ma 330 001 CB 337

MWF        1:00-1:50 PM

Linear Agebra

Ma 322 002 CB 214

MWF      11:00-11:50 AM

Office Hours

(Other times possible by appointment)

MWF   10:00-  10:50

In mathskeller or office




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Ma 322 (Linear Algebra)
F16 course materials

Ma 330 Fall 2016
Course materials

Some Maple routines

Some useful tricks for various courses.

Math Competitions

Lin 520(संस्कृत) Old Supplemental Course materials

History related Stuff below

Ma 110 Precalculus

 Fall 2008 Site

OLD Ma 213 Spring  2016
Course materials

Historical work of 
Krishnaswamy  Ayyangar
Kindly supplied by his son  A.K. Rajgopal

Indology, History and other Matters

Yogavasishtha and other philosophical discussions (new)


Sanskrit Related Goodies
Sanskrit Goodies 

Encoded amarakosha
Amarakosha Files

Indology Related sites
List of Sites