Shashi Sathaye 1942-1999

Here are some interesting pictures with Shashi.
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This page is dedicated to my beloved wife. The following verses summarize her philosophy of life as I understood it. They were composed the night before last as I lay anticipating the inevitable.

 Avinash Sathaye

20th  May 1999

I donít ask for eternal life in heaven, nor for the destruction of this river of life; 
let me have this human existence,  full of variety, a wheel moving up and down.

Before and after happiness there is sorrow, and so they preach that a steady, detached  mind is best; but I feel that before and after all sorrow there is always happiness, so what is there to worry about? 

If, as they say, the brahman is a state eternal, peaceful and overfilled with joy, then how could this world, born merely from the wish of this brahman, be any different?