Web interface for R and Octave

This page holds the links to web interface to R (a statistical/graphical software) and Octave (a matrix/numerical software). Both R and Octave are GNU copyrighted. If you have not heard about it, R is similar to Splus, Octave is similar to Matlab.

These can be useful when writing tutorial/notes in html for students. It allows you to have live access to R/Octave anywhere in the html page. And students can run the examples from anywhere that have web access. Your example is run-able on the spot, and students can experiment with the code and run their own code (by modify your code perhaps), without leaving the web browser.

  • Interface to Octave, without graphics.

  • Interface to Octave, with graphics.

  • Interface to R, without graphics.

  • Interface to R, with graphics.

    Mai Zhou (mai@ms.uky.edu). Last modified 10/14/2002

    Added 12/30/2003: For people that want to install the cgi code on their own machine, you want to read this .

    Added 01/05/2004: Rcgi FAQ. MJ Ray's original Rcgi code 3a and 4pre2.

    Found on the web other servers of same code Another Rcgi . Another Octave-cgi