An NSF Graduate K-12 Project

Algebra Cubed

National Science Foundation



 Focusing on algebra, increase the mathematical conceptual understanding and procedural fluency of Middle and High school students in Bath and Powell counties.

 Establish professional learning communities across levels of teachers, middle and high school students, faculty, Fellows (graduate students at UK) and other stake holders to enrich all participants.

 Increase the algebraic content knowledge and enrich the view of applications among all participants.

 Develop and utilize lessons for algebra that stress the use and applications of algebra in the context of the Kentucky Core Content.

 Establish a lifelong interest in the math and science of middle and high school in the Fellows.

 Increase the communication and teaching skills of the Fellows through interactions with the teachers in the schools and add to professional development opportunities for the math teachers resulting in content gain.

 Increase the performance of the students on the algebra portion (especially) of the KCCT.




 All Fellows are supported by NSF through University of Kentucky.

 Teacher Mentors receive stipends from UK for work with the graduate students.

 Travel money is available for participants for trips between the counties and UK and for other ALGEBRA3 purposes.

 The stipend for Fellows is $30,000 (plus academic year tuition) for twelve months. The stipend for the Teacher Mentor is $4500 per year to mentor a Fellow.



 The doctoral advisor of a graduate student will need to give approval for that person to be considered for a GK-12 fellowship. Fellows will be in their second year or beyond at the time of their fellowship.

 Only graduate students from the Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, and Mathematics are eligible to be a Fellow.

 All Fellows must be U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents (an NSF rule).