Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership

Information on the Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership

What is the Appalachian Mathematical Sciences Partnership?

The Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership (AMSP) is funded by a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation. The AMSP involves elementary, middle, secondary, and university personnel in a coordinated effort to improve mathematics and science education in Appalachia. Details on personnel, goals, and objectives may be found below. The AMSP builds on current efforts such as our own department's Communicating Mathematics project, the Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative (ARSI) and the Appalachian Collaborative Center for Learning, Assessment, and Instruction in Mathematics (ACCLAIM).

The Appalachian Mathematical Sciences Partnership (AMSP) is a comprehensive partnership of educational institutions and regional agencies to reform science, mathematics, and technology education in central Appalachia. The broad long-term objectives are:

Funding from the National Science Foundation will suppport:

In addition to funding for the outreach activities, the grant will co-fund two new faculty positions at the tenured level in the College of Arts and Sciences. These two positions will be co-funded by the grant and the Provost's office for the duration of the grant. Faculty members in these positions will be expected to support outreach activities associated with the grant.

Who is Involved?

The principal investigators are:
Professor Paul Eakin, Department of Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Professor Ronald K. Atwood, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kentucky
Dr. Stephen Henderson, Director, Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative
Professor Carl W. Lee, Department of Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Dr. Wimberly Royster, Vice-President for Research Emeritus, University of Kentucky

The advisory board for this project consists of:

Dr. John Conway, Head, Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee
Dr. Bernard Madison, University of Arkansas and MAA
Dr. Daniel P. Maki, Professor and Chair, University of Indiana
Dr. William E. Kirwan, Chancellor, University of Maryland System
Dr. Ertle Thompson, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Institutions involved in the partnership are:

The Kentucky Science and Technology Council (ARSI), The University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Pikeville College, Union College, University of Virginia's College at Wise, University of Tennessee, and Somerset Community College; the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, the Appalachian College Association, Kentucky Gear-Up, and the Toyota Corporation; 38 central and eastern Kentucky school districts, 9 Tennessee school districts, and 5 western Virginia school districts

Mathematics and Science Outreach in Appalachia