MA 113: Calculus I

Sections 13-18

Kate Ponto
Fall 2014

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Contact information
Office Office hours Mathskeller hours Sections
Kate Ponto POT 739 MTW 1:30-2:30
Devin WillmottPOT 906TH 12:00-1:00F 9:00-10:0013 and 14
Kyle HelfrichPOT 718WH 9:00-10:00T 9:00-10:0015 and 17
Rachel PetrikPOT 718 T 11:15-12:15, H 2:00-3:00T 10:00-11:0016
Yue CaiPOT 806T 11:00-12:00M 11:00-12:0018 website
Math HouseH 1:00-2:00

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