Katherine Paullin

Office: Patterson Office Tower 729
Office Phone: 859-257-8836
Email: katherine.paullin@uky.edu

Fall 2023 Office Hours:
Tuesdays 9-10:30am in POT 729
Thursdays 9-10:30am in POT 729
Other times or on Zoom by appointment

About Me

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at the University of Kentucky. I currently teach MA109: College Algebra. I also serve as the TA Professional Development Coordinator for the Mathematics Department.

I've previously taught MA 330: History of Mathematics, MA 310: Problem Solving for High School Teachers, MA 123: Elementary Calculus, MA 113: Calculus I, MA 111: Contemporary Mathematics, and MA 110: PreCalculus. I have previously served as the Course Coordinator for MA 109: College Algebra and MA 201/202: Math for Elementary Teachers sequence.

When I'm not teaching, I might be found with a book or a crochet/knit project and coffee in hand.


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