I'm a graduate student in the Mathematics department at the University of Kentucky.

I've been at University of Kentucky since 2018, and received my masters degree in 2021. I've been working on my Ph.D under Nathaniel Stapleton.

My main research focus has been on the Burnside ring and operations associated to it, notably the Adams operation and power operations. I'm also a member of the Bourbon Seminar organized by Nathaniel Stapleton.

As of Spring 2023, I am teaching a College Algebra with Co-Requistive support course. In Fall 2023, I will be leading a first year graduate student seminar. I recieved the Arts and Sciences Oustanding Teaching Assistant award in Spring 2023.

My office is POT 702, and I also regularly hold office hours in the Mathskeller. If you have any questions, I can be reached at ltdo224 'at' uky 'dot' edu.

You can find my CV here, and further information about my research and teaching interests in the associated tabs.

For those in the department who are looking for printing instructions, please note that there have been recent changes to the RICOH copiers and my prior instructions no longer hold. You may find instructions in the mailing room. Personal windows laptops will require some additional steps, which KT can email out as necessary.