I have recently graduated from the University of Kentucky and will be taking on a postdoctoral position with MathCEP and the University of Minnesota. This website is deprecated, please find my new one at University of Minnesota once it is up!

I started at the University of Kentucky in 2018, received my masters degree in 2021, and graduated in 2024 while working under Nathaniel Stapleton.

My main research focus has been on the Burnside ring and operations associated to it, notably the Adams operation and power operations. I'm also a member of the Bourbon Seminar organized by Nathaniel Stapleton.

Most recently, I have taught MA 109 College Algebra and been the assistant coordinator for the course. I recieved the Arts and Sciences Oustanding Teaching Assistant award in Spring 2023, and was nominated for the Provost's Outstanding Teaching award in 2024.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at ltdo224 'at' uky 'dot' edu, though this email will not be regularly monitored after September 2024.

You can find my CV here, and further information about my research and teaching interests in the associated tabs.