UK Math Movie of the Month

U n i v e r s i t y   o f   K e n t u c k y

Math Movie of the Month

Friday, September 21, 2018
7:30 pm CB 118
Between the Folds: Origami and its connection with art and science*

Second poster

*This event is being held in conjunction with an October visit by origami artist and scientist Robert Lang, who will be visiting the University of Kentucky to give a public lecture and several workshops.

* Fall 2008 program * Spring 2009 program * Fall 2009 program * Spring 2010 program * Fall 2011 program * Spring 2013 program * Fall 2015 program * Spring 2016 program * Fall 2016 program

Directions to Classroom Building 118 (CB 118) and Classroom Building 106 (CB 106)

We would like to thank Tom Hecker of the Science Library, Clay Gauce of AV Services, and the University of Kentucky Library System for their support in acquiring materials for this movie series, as well as Christine Levitt of the Mathematics Department, for arranging room reservations.

The Math Movie of the Month is organized by Professor Richard Ehrenborg and Professor Margaret Readdy with assistance from high school student Theodore Ehrenborg and Morton student Thomas Ehrenborg. (at)

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