Department of Mathematics
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0027

Office:  735 Patterson Office Tower
Phone:  859-257-4653
Email:   qye3 “at” uky (dot) edu

Computer Programs

  1. MATLAB Programs for Eigenvalue/Singular Value Computations using the Inverse-Free Preconditioned (IFP) Krylov Subspace Methods:
  2. scoRNN: Tensorflow Program for Scaled Cayley Orthogonal Recurrent Neural Networks.
  3. scuRNN: Tensorflow Program for Scaled Cayley Unitary Recurrent Neural Networks.
  4. ENRNN: Tensorflow Program for Eigenvalue Normalized Recurrent Neural Networks.
  5. Keras Program for RNA State Inference with LSTMs.
  6. PyTorch Program for Adaptive Weighted GAN (aw-GAN).