1. Statistical and Continuum Theories of Materials at the
  Johns Hopkins University, March 25-26, 1963
  Speakers: Grad, Toupin, Jaynes, Rivlin, Ericksen
2. Fluid Dynamics at the Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh,
  November 11-12, 1963
  Speakers: Truesdell, Serrin, Finn, Noll, Lin, Markovitz
3. Wave Motion at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
  October 29-30, 1964
  Speakers: Duff, Rivlin, Morawetz, Wilcox, Keller
4. Frontiers of Elasticity at the Courant Institute of Mathematical
  Sciences, New York, March 22-23, 1965
  Speakers: Fichera, Schechter, Reiss, Gilbert, Payne, Knowles
5. Thermodyanamics at the Universita di Padova, Bressanone,
  Italy, June 11-12, 1965
  Speakers: Coleman, Bressan, Gurtin, Bordoni, Bowen
6. Hydrodynamics at the University of Arizona, Tucson, January 21-22, 1966
  Speakers: Benney, Meyer, Saffman, Payne, Serrin, Ludford
7. Axiomatics of Mechanics at the Illinois Institute of Technology,
  Chicago, October 21-22, 1966
  Speakers: Bunge, Synge, Noll, Gurtin, Kac, Toupin
8. Theories of Stability at Tulane University, New Orleans,
  March 31-April 1, 1967
  Speakers: Segal, Joseph, Caughey, Odeh, Markus
9. Thermodynamics and Stabilty at the Johns Hopkins University,
  Baltimore, October 10-12, 1968
  Speakers: Coleman, Wei, Hale, Joseph, Pond, Ericksen, Gurtin
10. Optimal Control Theory and the Calculus of Variations at
  the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, November 30- December 1, 1969
  Speakers: Neustadt, Gilbert, Hermes, Cesari, Fleming, Warga
11. Plasticity and Viscoelasticity at the University of Cincinnati,
  November 12-13, 1970
  Speakers: Owen, Dill, Rivlin, Clifton
12. Model Theory at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, May 4-5, 1971
  Speakers: Cahpin, Kugler, Luxemburg, Zakon, Stone, Wattenberg, Truesdell
13. Nonlinear Stability Theory at Northwestern University,
  Evanston, Illinois, October 28-29, 1971
  Speakers: Cohen, Luss, Lebowitz, Payne, Antman, Serrin, Stewartson
14. Thermodynamics of Continuous Media at the University
  of Washington, Seattle, September 13-16, 1972
  Speakers: Williams, Coleman, Ericksen, Truesdell, Dill, Muller, Bowen
15. Mathematical Problems Related to Mixtures of Interacting
  Species at the University of Rochester, New York, March 28-30, 1973
  Speakers: Aris, Aronson, Feinberg, Horn, Sellers, Krambeck, Noll
16. Rational Thermodynamics at the Universita di Pisa,
  Italy, June 11-14, 1974
  Speakers: Gurtin, Onat, Coleman, Owen, Williams, Serrin, Truesdell
17. Fluid Mechanics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,
  October 2-3, 1975
  Speakers: Rivilin, Fosdick, Bird, Joseph, Chen, Cowin, Jenkins,
  Brenner, Raats, Noll, Marris
18. Problems of the Continuum Theory of Plasticity and Dislocations at the
  University of South Carolina, Columbia, October 21-22, 1976
  Speakers: Belinfante, Owen, deWit, Ting, Noll, Wang, Bloom
19. Recent Developments in Contimuum Mechanics at the University
  of Cincinnati, December 4-6, 1977
  Speakers: Achenbach, Dafermos, Ericksen, Pipkin, Tiersten
20. The Application of Catastrophe Theory in Mechanics at Christopher
  Newport College of William and Mary University, Charlottesville,
  April 16-18, 1978
  Speakers: Lu, Zeeman, Huseyin, Chillingworth, Truesdell, Golubitsky, Mehra,
  Aris, Stewart
21. Anelastic Behavior of Continua at the Universita di Pisa, Italy,
  May 18-20, 1978
  Speakers: Truesdell, Del Piero for Villaggio, Bell, Del Piero, Zarka, Ting
  Müller, Toupin
22. Mathematical Modelling at the National University of Mexico,
  November 5-8, 1979
  Speakers: Aronson, Coleman, Fife, Glowinski, Guckenheimer, Herrera,
  Hoppensteadt, Lions, Newman, Oden
23. Recent Developments in Continuum Thermodynamics at the University
  of Missouri, Rolla, November 10-12, 1980
  Speakers: Valanis, Feinberg, Man, Fosdick, Coleman, Pitteri, Serrin, Owen
24. Applications of Qualitative Analysis in Nonlinear Mechanics
  at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, December 3-5, 1981
  Speakers: Antman, Dafermos, Holmes, Joseph, Saut,  E. Sternberg, Villaggio
25. Wave Phenomena at Cornell University, Ithaca,
  September 22-25, 1982
  Speakers: Ablowitz, Aronson, Coleman, McKean, Papanicolaou, Sachse, Symes
26. In Honor of J.L. Ericksen's 60th Birthday at
  Brown University, Providence, November 17-19, 1983
  Speakers: Ball, Bell, Coleman, Kinderlehrer, Leslie, I. Müller, Rivlin, Serrin, Truesdell
27. Mathematical Models in Continuum Mechanics at
  the University of Wisconsin-Madison, November 29-December 1, 1984,
  Speakers: DiPerna, Ericksen, Hrusa, Owen, Pritchard
28. Topics in Continuum Mechanics and Analysis at
  the University of Kentucky, Lexington, December 4-6, 1985
  Speakers: Antman, Carlson, Dafermos, Ericksen, Passman, Wang
29. Novel Problems in Mathematics & Mechanics From Agriculture and
  Industry at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, October 20-21, 1986
  Speakers: Brown, Clark, May, Raats, Schaeffer, Strang
30. Internal Structure, Homogenization and Continuum Mechanics
  at Yale University, New Haven, November 14-15, 1987
  Speakers: Gurtin, Jenkins, Kohn, Leckie, Lowe, Milton, Needleman,
  Papanicolaou, Sachdev, Sreenivasan
31. Modern Developments in Natural Philosophy--An Historical Perspective
  at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, March 20-23, 1988
  Speakers: Antman, Amick, Dafermos, Fife, Hrusa, Humphrey,
  Simo, Truesdell, Ziemer
32. Geometrical and Topological Methods in Mechanics at
  the University of Calgary, Calgary, June 21-23, 1989
  Speakers: Chillingworth, Edelen, Hardt, Marsden, O'Raifeartaigh,
  Olver, Sniatycke, Wang
33. Variational Methods in Continuum Mechanics at
  Sheraton Hotel at Station Square, Pittsburgh, November 18-19, 1989
  Speakers: Fosdick, McLeod, Mizel, S. Müller, Podio-Guidugli, P. Sternberg
34. Recent Developments in Mechanics at
  the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, April 6-8, 1990
  Speakers: Galdi, Gurtin, Onat, Parks, Rajagopal, Serrin, Spector, Speziale
35. Partial Differential Equations and Mechanics at
  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, November 1-3, 1991
  Speakers: Antman, Bona, Fonseca, Gariepy, Phillips, Renardy, Slemrod, Ziemer
36. Mathematical Modelling in Continuum Mechanics at
  Penn State University, October 1-3, 1992
  Speakers: Arnold, Antman, Coleman, Dafermos, Fried, James, Kleman,
  Luskin, Mizel, Pego, Rajagopal,  Slemrod, P. Sternberg
37. Mathematical Aspects of Continuum Mechanics: A Symposium in
  Honor of Walter Noll at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, April
  23-25, 1993
  Speakers: Antman, Artz, Coleman, Feinberg, Gurtin, Lawvere, Noll,
  Podio-Guidugli, Serrin, Silhavy, Truesdell, Virga, Wang
38. Topics in Nonlinear Elasticity at Cornell University, September 22-25, 1994
  Speakers: Antman, Bauman, Fosdick, Gurtin, Holmes, James, 
  Simpson, Spector, Truskinovksy
39. Nonlinear Phenomena in Continuum Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic
  Institute and State University, Blacksburg, April 7-9, 1995
  Speakers: Angenent, Beale, Caginalp, Khomami, Maddocks,
  Papageorgiou, Shu-Ming Sun, Trefethen
40. Internal and Surface Structure of Materials at Carnegie Mellon University,
  Pittsburgh, October 10-12, 1998.
  Speakers: Caffarelli, Fonseca, Hamilton, Hannon, Slemrod, Soner, P. Sternberg
41. Dissipative Effects in Continuum Mechanics at the University of California,
  Berkeley, September 29-October 1, 2000.
  Speakers: Beatty, Del Piero, Coleman, Deseri, Fabrizio, Fonseca, Fried,
  Goddard, Golden, Jenkins, Man, Owen
42. Multiscale Effects in Material Microstructures and Defects at the University
   of Kentucky, Lexington, September 26-28, 2003.
   Speakers: Anand, Bhattacharya, Epstein, Fried, Gurtin, James, Lipton,
   Owen, Podio-Guidugli, Ponte Castaneda
43. Prospects for Mathematics and Mechanics upon the 80th Birthday of Jerry Ericksen

at the IMA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, November 5-6, 2004.

Speakers: Bhattacharya, Cladis, Doi, James, Kinderlehrer, Lin, Truskinovsky
44. Theories of Microstructures and Defects at the Hotel Covo dei Saraceni,
   Polignano a Mare (Bari), Italy, October 8-10, 2005.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Walter Noll
   Speakers: Braides, Cermelli, Francfort, Fried, Jenkins, Paroni, Rosakis,
   Silhavy, Truskinovsky, Zanzotto
45. Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Materials at Purdue University,
   West Lafayette, November 11-12, 2006.
   Truesdell Lecturer: James Serrin
   Speakers: Calderer, E, Garcia-Cervera, Kohn, Lavrentovich, Luskin
46. The Interface between Atomistic and Continuum Theories at University of Houston,
   Houston, October 26-28, 2007.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Bernard Coleman
   Speakers: Blumenfeld, Brenner, Capriz, Kraynik, Murdoch, Tadmor,
   Sellers, Silling, Vedantam, Wheeler
47. Constitutive Properties of Biomaterials at University of Pittsburgh,
   Pittsburgh, September 19-21, 2008.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Roger Fosdick
   Speakers: Ambrosi, Coleman, Cowin, Criscione, Taber
48. Advances in Fundamental and Applied Mechanics: A Bridge between
   the Physical Behavior and the Mathematical Modeling of Materials
    at Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, January 4-8, 2010.
   Speakers: DiCarlo, Chaieb, Y.-c. Chen, Lehoucq, Luskin, Paroni, Truskinovsky
49. Coupled Processes in Continuum Mechanics Motivated by Biological
   Phenomena at Michigan State University, East Lansing, October 7-9, 2011.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Gianfranco Capriz
   Speakers: Bates, Calderer, Goriely, Manning, Vainchtein, Violi, Walton
50. New Materials and New Problems in Continuum Mechanics
   at Udine, Italy, October 22-24, 2012.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Stuart S. Antman
   Speakers: Dal Maso, James, Kraynik, I. Müller, Podio-Guidugli, Virga
51. Mathematics and Mechanics in the Physical Sciences: A Tribute to James Serrin
   at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, November 14-16, 2013.
   Speakers: Bauman, Caffarelli, Calderer, Fried, Kenig, Peletier, Podio-Guidugli,
   Sverak, Virga
52. Scale Bridging in the Mathematical and Mechanical Sciences at Universidade
   Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 22-24, 2014.
   Truesdell Lecturer: Constantine Dafermos
   Speakers: Acerbi, Buscaglia, Chakraborty, Dacorogna, Davini, DiCarlo, Feldman,
   Gavini, Ghattas, Giola, Gomes, Jerrad, Lewicka, B. Li, Murad, Nussenzveig,
   Podio-Guidugli, Šilhavý