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Department of mathematics
703 P.O.T.
Univ. of Kentucky
Lexington KY 40506-0027

Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule:  

History of Mathematics

Ma 330    CB 347

MWF       8:00-8:50

Linear Algebra

Ma 322 002  CB 335

Ma 322 003  CB 341

MWF       9:00-9:50


MWF       11:00-11:50

Office Hours

(Other times possible by appointment)

MWF 10-10:45, T 9- 9:45       (In Mathskeller or in office)





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Ma 110 Fall 2008 Site

Ma322 2,3 Spring 12
Course materials and related files


Ma330 Spring 2012  
Course materials and related files

Help with WHS

History related Stuff

Lin 520(संस्कृत) Fall 2009 
Supplemental Course materials

Historical work of 
Krishnaswamy  Ayyangar

Kindly supplied by his son  A.K. Rajgopal

Indology, History and other Matters

Yogavasishtha and other philosophical discussions (new)

Sanskrit Related Goodies
Sanskrit Goodies 

Encoded amarakosha
Amarakosha Files

Indology Related sites
List of Sites


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