Math 202: Introduction to Visual Problem Solving with Maple.


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Class Description

A course in making up problems and attempting to solve them. Students must have access to a computer running MapleVR4 and Netscape (or some equivalent Web browser). A Detailed Syllabus
is available. Instructions on how to send Maple worksheets by Netscape Mail are available.

How to get the Student version of Maple V Release 4: Details

Daily Worksheets

The class worksheets containing lecture material, assignments, etc can be obtained from classes listed
below. These should be downloaded and kept in the same directory. The table of contents worksheet
will grow as the semester wears on.
class_1 class_2 class_3 class_4 class_5 class_6 class_7 class_8
classes_9&10 classes_11&12 classes_13&14 classes_15&16
classes_17&18 classes_19&20 class_21 class_22 class_23 class_24 class_25 class_26

Broadcast Schedule

If you have any questions concerning the video broadcasts, you may call Bill Verble at the Distance Learning Programs at (606) 257-4052.