UK Algebra Seminar Schedule
Fall 2016

The UK algebra seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2 PM in POT 745, unless stated otherwise.  For more information, please contact Dave Jensen.

Date Speaker Title
August 31 Tim Roemer Commutative Algebra Up to Symmetry
September 7 Uwe Nagel Hilbert Series of Monomial Orbits
September 14 Jared Antrobus Lexicodes over Principal Ideal Rings
September 21 Room reserved for grading
September 28 McCabe Olsen Euler-Mahonian Statistics and Descent Bases for Semigroup Algebras
October 5 Tefjol Pllaha Equivalence of Stabilizer Codes
October 12  Anna-Lena Horlemann-TrautmannNetwork Coding and Schubert Varieties Over Finite Fields
October 19  (Special Room -- CB 337) David Zureick-Brown Canonical Rings of Stacky Curves
October 26 Bill Trok Matroids and Regularity of Fat Points
November 2 Jay White Maximum Betti Numbers for a Hilbert Function
November 9 Luis Sordo Vieira On the Transfer Map
November 16  (Special Room -- CB 337) Sam Payne Top Weight Cohomology of Moduli Spaces of Curves
November 23 Thanksgiving -- no seminar
November 30 Dave Jensen Linear Systems on General Curves of Fixed Gonality
December 7

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