UK Mathematics Graduate Student Colloquium
Graduate Student Colloquium: Fall 2017

This semester, Margaret Grogan is running the Graduate Student Colloquium for the Mathematics Department.

The colloquium will be held on Wednesdays (except for a selct few) from 4:00p-5:15p with pizza and soda served at 4:00p and the presentation beginning at 4:15p. It will most often be held in POT 745 but may occasionally be elsewhere.

Date Name Title Room
30 Aug 2017 Kaelin Cook-Powell Graphs and Chips and Fires, Oh My! POT 745
6 September 2017 Tefjol Pllaha Introduction to Quantum Computing POT 745
13 September 2017 Landon Gauthier & Vasily Zadorozhnyy Gauthier: Geometry of Quartic Polynomials; Zadorozhnyy: A New Triangle Generation of Generalized Genocchi Numbers Using Rook Placements on Genocchi Boards POT 745
20 September 2017 Kyle Franz Just so you know, spectral graph theory is a thing. Let's talk about that. CB 343
27 September 2017 Kalila Sawyer Mathematicians Have Always Been... Interesting POT 745
4 October 2017 Andrés Vindas Fixed Subpolytopes of the Permutahedron POT 745
11 October 2017 Justin Barhite Riemann-Like, Super-Lebesgue POT 745
18 October 2017 Aida Maraj Algebra in Statistics CB 343
25 October 2017 Derek Hanely The Erdos-Lovasz Double-Critical Conjecture POT 745
1 November 2017 Lisa Mueller & Gabbie van Scoy Mueller: "Research in Graph Theory": Lisa presents her two projects that she worked on at her REU at the University of West Georgia in Summer 2015; Van Scoy: A Bone Eat Bone World: Math Models of Bone Metabolism POT 745
8 November 2017 George Lytle When are Two Directions Enough? The Gehring-Lehto Theorem POT 745
15 November 2017 Kaelin Cook-Powell - TBA
22 November 2017   (Thanksgiving)  
29 November 2017 Stephen Deterding - POT 745
6 December 2017 Joe Cummings - POT 745

Past colloquiums (Fall 2004-Spring 2017) can be found at [link].

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