Current Officers

Katie Bruegge

I'm a fifth-year student studying geometric combinatorics (with a graph theory flavor) with Dr. Ben Braun. I enjoy reading, baking, coffee, and musicals.

Favorite ice cream: Graeter's coconut chocolate chip.

Faith Hensley

I'm a third-year student interested in Partial Differential Equations, specifically inverse problems. I enjoy reading, creative writing, playing my Nintendo Switch, trying new restaurants, and traveling as much as I can!

Favorite animal: Elephant.

Shahzad Kalloo

I am a third-year student interested in Algebraic Topology and Homotopy Theory. When I'm not working on Math, I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, cooking, reading, photography, hiking, climbing, and hanging out with my cat Seabass.

Favorite movie(s): It's a tie between Interstellar and Beetlejuice.

Jamin Kochman
Faculty Appointee

I am a second-year student with a growing interest in Category Theory. Besides math, I also practice many varieties of circus arts, play Baduk (aka Go), and enjoy studying German.

Favorite seasoning: Paprika.

Chloe' Napier
First Year Representative

I am a second-year student interested Algebra and Combinatorics. Outside of math, I enjoy reading, dancing, cooking, and watching movies.

Favorite color: Lavendar.

Ben Braun
Ben Braun
Faculty Advisor

I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kentucky, where I serve as the Director of Graduate Studies. My mathematical research is in geometric, algebraic, and topological combinatorics, and I am active in scholarship of teaching and learning.

Favorite place to hike in Lexington: Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

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