Peter A. Perry
Professor of Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Mathematics
University of Kentucky

Office:    Room 755, Patterson Office Tower
Phone:    (859) 257-6791
Fax:    (859) 257-4078 (FAX)
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Current Courses

Fall 2014          Math 213, Calculus II

Past Courses
Spring 2014 Math 114, Calculus II
Fall 2013Math 113, Calculus I
Spring 2013 Math 773, Dispersive Waves
Fall 2012Math 677, Analysis II
Spring 2012Math 676, Analysis I: Measure Theory and Integration
Fall 2011 Math 575, Principles of Analysis


I am the Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Mathematics


Spectral and Scattering Theory, Spectral Geometry, Inverse Problems, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Completely Integrable Systems

You can find my preprints on the ArXiV here mixed in with a few from Patrick O. Perry, a statistician at Harvard University.

Current Doctoral Students

  • Michael Music

    For Michael's preprints (three to date), see ArXiV

Graduated Doctoral Students

  • Ryan Walker (2013), On A Paley-Wiener Theorem for the ZS-AKNS Scattering Transform
  • Albert Schueller (1996), Eigenvalue Asymptotics for Self-adjoint, Fourth-order, Ordinary Differential Operators

  • Zhiqiang Wu (1997), Trace-Class Estimates for Elliptic Operators and Weyl's Law on Exterior Domains with Fractal Boundaries

  • Douglas Riley (1999), Global Existence of Strong Solutions to the Three-Dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

  • Yuho Shin (2006), Geodesics of a Two-Step Nilpotent Group

  • Christopher Frayer (2008), Scattering with singular Miura potentials on the line.

  • Ryan Walker (2012), On a Paley-Wiener Theorem for the ZS-AKNS Scattering Transform

Biographical Sketch

Peter Perry received his doctorate in Physics from Princeton University in 1982. He held an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences in 1981-1982, a Bantrell Fellowship in Mathematical Physics at Caltech in 1982-1985, and began a tenure-track assistant professorship at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 1985. He was tenured in 1988 and promoted to the rank of full professor in 1994. Perry was awarded a University Research Professorship in 1999-2000 and in 2010 was awarded the title of College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor. Perry chaired the Mathematics Department from 2000 to 2004 and directed the MathExcel program from 2007 to 2011. He is currently the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Mathematics.

Full vita

Selected Publications

  1. The Novikov-Veselov equation: theory and computation, with Ryan Croke, Jennifer Mueller, Michael Music, Samuli Siltanen, and Andreas Stahel, to appear in Contemporary Mathematics

  2. Resonances for Manifolds Hyperbolic Near Infinity: Optimal Lower Bounds on Order of Growth, with David Borthwick, Tanya Christiansen, and Peter Hislop. Int. Math. Res. Not. 2010. First published online December 5, 2010, doi:10.1093/imrn/rnq249

  3. The Miura map on the line, with Thomas Kappeler, Mikhail Shubin, and Peter Topalov. Int. Math. Res. Not. 2005, no. 50, 3091--3133.

  4. A Poisson summation formula and lower bounds for resonances in hyperbolic manifolds. Int. Math. Res. Not. 2003, no. 34, 1837--1851.

  5. Spectral geometry in dimension 3, with Robert Brooks and Peter Petersen V . Acta Math. 173 (1994), 283-305.

  6. The Laplace operator on hyperbolic three manifolds with cusps of nonmaximal rank, with Richard Froese and Peter Hislop . Invent. Math. 106 (1991), no. 2, 295--333.

  7. Isospectral sets of conformally equivalent metrics, with Robert Brooks and Paul Yang. Duke Math. J. 58 (1989), no. 1, 131-150.

  8. Spectral analysis of N-body Schrödinger operators, with Barry Simon and Israel M. Sigal. Ann. of Math. (2) 114 (1981), no. 3, 519-567.