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A. B. (Physics), Princeton University, 1977
Ph. D., (Physics), Princeton University, 1982

Professional Experience

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 1981-82
Bantrell Research Fellow, Caltech, 1982-85
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, 1985-88
Associate Professor, University of Kentucky, 1988-94
Full Professor, University of Kentucky, 1994-Present

Honors and Awards

University Research Professor, 1999-2000
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, 2010-Present

Administrative Experience

Chair, Department of Mathematics, July 2000-June 2004
Director, MathExcel Program, July 2007-June 2011
Director of Graduate Studies, Mathematics, July 2011-June 2016
Principal Investigator, Graduate Scholars in Mathematics (NSF-DUE), July 2014-June 2018

Graduated Doctoral Students

Albert Schueller (1996)
Zhiqiang Wu (1997)
Douglas Riley (1999)
Yuho Shin (2006)
Christopher Frayer (2008)
Ryan Walker (2013)
Michael Music (2016)
Jiaqi Liu (2017)

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Edward Taylor (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow), 1997-98
Ruth Gornet (NSF POWRE Postdoctoral Research Associate), 1998-1999
Jeffrey McGowan (NSF ROA Summer Fellow), 2001
Yilong Ni, (Postdoctoral Research Associate), 2003
Siu-Hung Tang, (Postdoctoral Research Associate), 2006-2007