Ma 330 002 - History of Mathematics - Spring 1999

Information Sheet       Intro to Maple  -- html        Intro to Maple  --  mws
Egyptian Fractions html mwsAha problems -- html mws
Egyptian geometry   -- html mws       Babylonian numeration  -- htm lmws
Hippias and his Quadratrix  html mws  Euclid and his Elements html mws
Project/paper 1 particulars       visual classroll  WQS homework
Responses to review questions

More on Fibonnaci (mws) (html)Project/paper 2 particulars
cubic equations prior to Cardan mwshtml   Trig to Ptolemy  mwshtml
A trig question mws html  The m+n line locus problem mws html
A thread on curves mws html Project 3 particulars
review for final