David Jensen

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Dave Jensen

University of Kentucky
Department of Mathematics
719 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027


Office:  POT 733
I am an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Kentucky.

Research:  I am primarily interested in the geometry of algebraic curves and how they vary in moduli.  To study these objects, I use tools from tropical geometry and nonarchimedean analytic spaces.  My publications and preprints can be found at the publications link above.

Press:  Hannah Edelen's Math Lab Gives Undergraduates a New Perspective on Their Field
            Kevin Hartnett's Why Mathematicians Can't Find the Hay in a Haystack, Abstractions Blog
            Kevin Hartnett's Tinkertoy Models Produce New Geometric Insights, Quanta Magazine

Short Bio:  After growing up in New Hampshire, I attended Williams College, where I worked with Susan Loepp. I received my PhD from the University of Texas in 2010, under the direction of Sean Keel.  After that, I spent three years at Stony Brook University as a postdoc in the algebraic geometry group, and a year at Yale studying tropical Brill-Noether theory.

Students:  I have 4 former PhD students:  Kalila Sawyer (2020), Kaelin Cook-Powell (2021) Angela Hanson (2023), and Noah Speeter (2023).

Algebra Seminar: UK Algebra Seminar

KOALA: Together with Chris Manon, I am organizing KOALA 2024 on May 21-22.

Undergraduate Research:  I have been heavily involved with undergraduate research throughout my career, serving as a mentor in the UK Math Lab, the SUMRY program at Yale, and an independent research group at Stony Brook.  More details can be found at the outreach link above.

Expository Notes:  In Spring 2016, I co-taught a graduate course on Tropical Brill-Noether Theory with Sam Payne.  Notes from this seminar can be found on Sam's website here.