Richard Ehrenborg, 2010

Speaker at the AMS Special Session on Permutations at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco (January 2010).

Invited speaker at Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference. (March 2010). See the picture in the Fall 2010 Maxima Newsletter.

Organizer of the Workshop CATS 2010: Combinatorics 2010: Advances, Trends and Speculations. Funded by NSF grant DMS-1024407. The keynote speakers are Sara Billey (U Washington), Patricia Hersh (North Carolina State), Isabella Novik (U Washington) and Stephanie van Willigenburg (U British Columbia). March 26, 2010.

Organizer of the AMS Special Session Advances in Algebraic & Geometric Combinatorics. March 27--28, 2010.

Speaker at 2010 SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics.

Member at The Institute for Advanced Study (September 2010 to July 2011).

Invited to participate in the Quasisymmetric Functions Workshop at Banff International Research Station (November 2010).

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