Visualizing Mathematics


This course will be an opportunity to explore how various aspects of mathematics can be visualized by physical and virtual models, often in quite beautiful ways, and conversely how mathematics can be used as a tool in designing beautiful physical and virtual models.

Here are some examples that we may look at, but some choice of topics will be guided by the interests of the class members.

We will construct both physical and virtual models, using some free (but incredibly powerful) software, such as POV-Ray -- see

The prerequisite for the course is facility with algebra and geometry, and a willingness to learn more as needed. Calculus is not a prerequisite, but if you know it, you will find use for it! Knowledge of a particular computer programming language is not a prerequisite, but we will be learning how to use some computer programs that require some attention to logic and detail, so patience in this regard is likely to be needed.

At the end of the course it would be nice to host an exhibition!



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