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Margaret Readdy

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I am a
Professor of Mathematics
at the
University of Kentucky.

Photo by Andrea Kane.

Here is my Princeton website.


I am a member of the Discrete Mathematics group in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kentucky.

I am funded by the Simons Foundation for the grant, "Investigations in Combinatorial Mathematics". Besides collaborator visits and PI travel to lead all-female research groups and all-female workshops, it has funded travel for eight graduate students.

Six collaborators and nine graduate students received funding via my previous Simons Foundation grant, "Flag Enumeration in Algebra and Geometry". My graduate student Yue Cai also received funding for a research visit to Princeton in Fall 2014.

During the academic year 2014--2015 I was a Visiting Professor and Research Scholar in the Princeton University Mathematics Department.

During the academic year 2010-2011, I was a Member in the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

During the academic year 2006-2007, I was on sabbatical leave at MIT.

Curriculum Vitae


My research interests are in algebraic combinatorics, namely the interaction of combinatorics with algebra, topology, discrete geometry and number theory.

Recent preprints and papers


My current PhD students are Will Gustafson and Ben Reese.

List of all of my students (Postdoctoral, PhD, Masters and Undergraduate Research).


Fall 2022 Math 113 Calculus I

Previous classes

In the News

Interview by Robert Jajcay of Comenius University during EUROCOMB 2019 in Bratislava Slovakia.

On the cover of the March 2018 Notices of the AMS . Christine Taylor and I were guest editors for this special issue for Women's History Month.

U Kentucky public relations interview about the IAS Women and Mathematics program winning the AMS 2019 Award for Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference. Here is the award announcement in the May 2019 Notices of the AMS.

Upcoming Events

Map of M. Readdy's talks and research visits.

2022-2023 and beyond

Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton New Jersey (June & July 2022)


Faculty Visitor, Princeton University Mathematics Department. (July 2021)

Research visit to UNC Charlotte to work with Gábor Hetyei. (November 2021)

The Mathematics of Machine Learning at the 2022 WAM Program, Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University (May 2022)


Talk at the MAA special session "Promoting Women in Mathematics" at the Winter 2021 Joint Mathematics Meeting (virtual). Talk slides

Speaker for virtual AWM Lecture Series hosted by Mount St. Mary's University. Talk slides. (February 2021)

Speaker for virtual AWM Lecture Series hosted by Kutztown University Talk slides. (February 2021)

Representation Theory: Categories & Combinatorics at the 2021 WAM Program, Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University (virtual May 2021)


Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton New Jersey (June & July 2019)

Plenary speaker at the 2019 EUROCOMB, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA (August 2019)

Plenary speaker, Triangle Lectures in Combinatorics, NC State University Talk slides. (November 2019)

Visit to Princeton University Mathematics Department (January 2020)

2018-2019 and before

Recent Outreach

WAM Outreach
My outreach team at WAM 2022.
Left to right: Princess Allotey (CMU), Nischita Kaza (Georgia Tech), Sarah Brown (U Buffalo), Amber Lee (Pomona),
Margaret Readdy (U Kentucky), Ria Stevens (McGill), Anna Ma (UC Irvine), Mansi Sood (CMU).

Since 2017 I have been the Academic Program Manager (2017-2019) and a Member of the WAM Committee (2020-Present) for the Women and Mathematics Program sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University.

This year's WAM program is on Mathematics of Machine Learning. (May 2022).

Previous WAM programs:
Representation Theory: Categories & Combinatorics. (May 2021; virtual).
Mathematics of Machine Learning. (Rescheduled; May 2022)
Topics in Geometric Analysis. (May 2019)
Mathematics of Modern Cryptography. (May 2018)

Richard Ehrenborg and I are holding the Julia Robinson Math Festival at the Central Public Library in Lexington (November 2019). We ran the first and second Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival at the University of Kentucky. (November 2017 & 2018).

Research team leader and mentor for the all-female BIRS Workshop Algebraic Combinatorixx 2. (May 2017)

I will be giving a series of three one-hour lectures to graduate students at the Lake Michigan Workshop on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Purdue University. (March 2016)

Invited Lecturer (4 lectures) for the 2013 Women and Mathematics Program sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University. (May 2013) Poster (pdf) and Lecture Notes (pdf) .

I am a founding member and organizer of Math Movie of the Month.

I gave a half-day of presentations on "Math Magic" as part of the Littlebrook Elementary School Science Expo in Princeton NJ. (May 2015)

In October 2015 I will be giving interactive "Math Magic" presentations at Cassidy Elementary School in Lexington KY.

Since Fall 2014 I have been a Professor Assistant/Consultant for the Henry Clay High School Math Club.

I am the faculty mentor for first year graduate student Kalila Sawyer as part of the NSF Funded Graduate Scholars in Mathematics DUE-1356253.

Conferences and Seminars

I am co-organizing the KOI Combinatorics Lectures.

From 2000 to 2014, and 2017 to Fall 2018 I organized the Discrete CATS Seminar and co-organized the WILDCATS Seminar.

In Spring 2015 I co-organized the Princeton University Combinatorics Seminar with Richard Ehrenborg.


Here I am asking Professor Einstein why he hasn't been showing up for tea lately at Fuld Hall.

Here is a recent picture of my sons Thomas and Theodore, ages 6 and 10. And ages 8 and 12. And ages 10 and 14. And ages 12 and 16. And ages 14 - ε and 18 + ε. And ages 17 + ε and 21 + ε.

Inauguration Day 2009

Other photos


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