Margaret A. Readdy


Rafael González D'león, 2014-2017, Docente Investigador, Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Jakayla Robbins, 2006-2008, Principal Senior Lecturer, Vanderbilt University
Guoce Xin, 2005-2006, Professor of Mathematics, Capital Normal University
Sergey Kitaev, 2003-2004, Reader in Department of Mathematics & Statistics and Associate Dean of Research, University of Strathclyde
Daniel Slilaty, 2000-2002, Professor of Mathematics, Wright State University

PhD Students

William Gustafson (current)
Benjamin Reese (current)
Yue Cai, PhD 2016, Postdoc at Texas A&M (three years); Currently tenure-track Assistant Professor, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, "New perspectives of Quantum Analogues". (pdf).
Tricia Muldoon Brown, PhD 2009, Professor of Mathematics, Georgia Southern University, "Rees Products of Posets and Inequalities" (pdf).

Masters Students

Benjamin Reese, 2020 (Chaired)
Matias von Bell, 2018
Cyrus Hettle, 2016
Dustin Hedmark, 2014
Alex Happ, 2014
Sarah Nelson, 2012 (Chaired)
Yue Cai, 2012 (Chaired)
John Rotramel, 2010 (Chaired)
Katie Ouellette, 2010 (Chaired)
Megan Robertson, 2009
Matt Zeckner, 2008
JiYoon Jung, 2008
Carlos Nicholas, 2006
Daniel Wells, 2006
Keith Kohrs, 2005 (Chaired)
Tricia Muldoon, 2005 (Chaired)
Matt Brown, 2004 (Chaired)
Scott Godefroy, 2004
Adam Feldhaus, 2004
Mary Lowman, 2004
Michael Slone, 2003 (Chaired)
Ron Williams, 2003 (Chaired)
Traci Wilde, 2003 (Chaired)
Bryson Perry, 2003 (Chaired)
Jennifer Rowe, 2003
John Eveland, 2003
Kim Lowman, 2003
David Harness, 2003
Jennifer Rice, 2003

REUs and Undergraduate Research

Albert Zhou, Equity Options Trader, Susquehanna International Group
Likith Govindaiah , Trader at Jane Street.
Peter S. Park, grad student at Harvard.
Michael Levin, Honorable Mention for the 2001 Morgan Prize. Physicist at U Chicago.
Debbie Grier, graduate student at Columbia.
Geir Helleloid, Software Engineer at Acuitus, Inc.
Adnan Rubai, Math Teacher at the Loomis Chafee School.
Dan Johnston
Mohan Rajagopalan Design Manager at Monolith Productions (WB Games), Seattle.
Harold Fox grad student at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.

REU/Undergrad References

R. Ehrenborg, L. Govindaih, P. S. Park and M. Readdy, The van der Waerden complex, J. Number Theory 47 (2017) 287--300. (pdf)

A. Zhou, "A combinatorial investigation of the cd-index" link. Senior thesis, Princeton University, 2015, M. Readdy, Advisor.

H. Fox and R. Ehrenborg, Inequalities for cd-indices of joins and products of polytopes, Combinatorica 23 (2003), 427--452.

R. Ehrenborg, M. Levin and M. Readdy, A probabilistic approach to the descent statistic, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 98 (2002), 150--162. (pdf)

R. Ehrenborg, D. Johnston and R. Rajagopalan and M. Readdy, Cutting polytopes and flag f-vectors, Discrete and Computational Geometry, 23 (2000), 261---271. (pdf)

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