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You have selected the Linear Algebra (undergrad) option. You can now select from the following possibilities:


Examples with Matlab: link to the WWW page of The MathWorks

Matlab Primer: it is a 36 page Postscript document by Kermit Sigmon

Class demo: Jan. 22, 1997 - this is about finding the inverse of a matrix and of its adjoint; the issue of accuracy of the calculations is also addressed

Class demo: Jan. 24, 1997 - this is about the use of the principle of superposition

Class demo: Jan. 27/ 29, 1997 - this is about the solution of systems of linear equations by means of the Gaussian elimination process or the "x=A\b" command

First Quiz

Second Quiz

Practice exam (First Midterm)

First midterm

Class demo: Feb. 26, 1997 - this is about the use of the command rank

Third Quiz

Practice exam (Second Midterm)

Second midterm

Practice exam (Final Exam)

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