UK Algebra Seminar Schedule
Spring 2017

The UK algebra seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2 PM in POT 745, unless stated otherwise.  For more information, please contact Dave Jensen.

Date Speaker Title
January Special Colloquia
February 8 Room Reserved for Grading
February 15 Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke Flawlessness of h-vectors of broken circuit complexes
February 22 Ashwin Deopurkar Theta characteristics and the Weil pairing on degenerate curves
March 1 Juan Migliore Lefschetz properties for ideals of powers of linear forms
March 8Room Reserved for Grading
March 15 Spring Break
March 22 Tif Shen Break divisors and compactified Jacobians
March 29 Alberto Ravagnani An algebraic framework for end-to-end physical-layer network coding
April 5 Bill Trok Waring's problem on forms, fat points and the Macaulay inverse systems
April 12 Room Reserved for Grading
April 17 (POT 318 -- Note Special Day)Anupam KumarFinite generation of symmetric ideals
April 19 Kalila Sawyer Special divisors on marked chains of cycles
April 26 Ben Bakker  A global Torelli theorem for singular symplectic varieties
April 27 Rachel Petrik The Chevalley-Warning theorems

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