Empirical Likelihood, The Book and Software
the R package: emplik and The book

Empirical Likelihood Method in Survival Analysis, 2016

Examples of Using the emplik Package:
There are lots of examples of using emplik package in this New Book. Some Example R codes from the book.
Here is a Lecture Note of using R for survival analysis which contain some more simple examples of  how to use the functions inside emplik several more examples .   The package emplik includes over 30 functions, to be used with software R. It can handle censored or uncensored data. It has functions to carry out Empirical Likelihood analysis for one sample, two samples or AFT regression models. Parameter can be defined via CDF or hazard function (i.e. mean, probability or hazard). The package ELYP contains functions for dealing with empirical likelihood inside a Cox model, and its generalization: the Yang and Prentice model.  A typical example is the construction of confidence interval for a parameter defined by beta (regression coef) and baseline hazard.

Additional Readings:
Tech Report (2011)  Hazard Estimating Equations and Empirical Likelihood  where Hazard Empirical Likelihood (with right censored data) is used with
Hazard estimating equations. Similar results to those of Qin and Lawless (1994) were obtained. In particular over-determined estimating equations are studied.
Three examples are given.

Tech Report (2020)  A Note on the Computation of Empirical Likelihood Confidence Intervals for Hazard Integrals
where we demonstrate how to compute Wilks confidence intervals for hazard integral based on empirical likelihood with right censored data.
They are much faster than similar intervals for the mean parameter. Confidence regions for parameters of dim > 1 can similarly benifit from this method.

 A list of typo of the first printing of the book, when they are available.

Older versions of the package emplik

 The software can be downloaded from here or the official R site: CRAN.   
 These are standard R release ***.tar.gz files  and some have binary ***.zip if available
Version 0.1-2   (10KB released 11/15/2001)
Version 0.2-1   (15KB released 1/10/2002)
Version 0.3       (15KB  released 2/18/2002)
Version 0.4       (15KB  released 4/6/2002)
Version 0.5       (16KB  released 4/24/2002)
Version 0.6       (18KB  released 5/13/2002)
Version 0.7       (21KB  released 12/1/2002)
Version 0.8       (26KB  released 3/18/2004)
Version 0.9       (28KB  released 4/15/2005)          emplik_0.9.zip
Version 0.9-3    (35KB  released  8/31/2006)
Version 0.9-4    (41KB  released 4/4/2008)
Version 0.9-5    (43KB  released 12/6/2008)
Version 0.9-6    (50KB  released 10/23/2010)
Version 0.9-7    (58KB  released 10/08/2011)       emplik_0.9-7.zip    (built with R 2.10.1)
Version 0.9-8    (57KB released 04/29/2012)
Version 0.9-8-1  (57KB released 05/01/2012)
Version 0.9-8-2  (57KB released 05/02/2012)  
Version 0.9-9    (183k  released 10/11/2013)           emplik_0.9-9.zip   (built with R 2.15.0)
Version 0.9-9-2  (183k released 3/7/2014)
Version 0.9-9-5  
(186k released 8/13/2014)  This version is identical to version 0.9-9-2 except the speed up of el.cen.EM2 and el.cen.EM by some C code.
Version 1.0   (Released March 10, 2015)  This version does not contain C code.
Version 1.0-2 (Released Aug. 2015)
Version 1.0-3  (Released Aug. 2016)
Version 1.0-3.1  (Bug fix release. Aug. 2018)
Version 1.0-4  (Feb. 2018. Works on windows. Seems having problem in Unix/Linux machines)
Version 1.0-4.1 (Aug. 2018 This version should work with both windows and Linux)

New Package ELYP: (for the empirical likelihood analysis of Cox model, Yang and Prentice model)

ELYP version 0.3  (source code)     and the zip file, for window 32bit (R 2.15.0)  ELYP_0.3.zip
ELYP version 0.5-1  (source code)   and the zip file (for R2.15.1  32bit)  ELYP_0.5-1.zip
ELYP version 0.6-1  (source code)   (released 10/02/2013)
ELYP version 0.6-3  (source code)   (released 11/25/2013)  
ELYP version 0.6-4  (source code)   (29KB released 12/1/2013)
ELYP version 0.6-6  (sourcecode)   released 5/14/2014
ELYP version 0.6-7  (source code)  (released 5/28/2014)
ELYP version 0.6-8  (source code)
ELYP version 0.7  (released April 2015)
ELYP version 0.7-3  (released Aug. 2015)
ELYP version 0.7-5  (released Aug. 2018, on CRAN)

The package kmc 0.2-2 was on the CRAN but have since de-activated. The issue seems to be the ios specific (and more).  
However, a version of kmc function for only one constraint should be available in the emplik next release (I am working on it).

The package emplik2  is for empirical likelihood tests in a 2-sample setting. It is written by Bill Barton.
You have to download it from CRAN. It can test the hypothesis
 Ho:  E_{x, y} g(x, y) = \mu   This include Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test, or Aera Under Curve
for ROC curve.  

For simple two sample test of   \int g_1(t) d \Lambda_1(t) - \int g_2(t) d \Lambda_2(t) =0 you may use the package emplik, see the book.

The package pAUC is for  empirical likelihood analysis for the AUC and pAUC of ROC curves. It also deals with trimmed mean
and Lorenz curve. This package is maintained by Ms. Zhao YM.

pAUC version 0.1     (source code)  10/26/2016

pAUC version 0.2      11/23/2016

To install the source code into your R, first download it and then
try  > install.packages("C:\path\to\dowloaded\pAUC_0.2.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")