Contact Information

Email: s.donmazov@uky.edu
Office: Patterson Office Tower Room 906 (9th floor)

About Me

Hi, my name is Samir Donmazov and I am a third year PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Kentucky. I am interested in Functional Analysis, Nonlinear PDEs, Inverse Scattering and Mathematical Physics. I have started to do some preliminary study on KPI equation under the supervision of Dr. Peter Perry.
I earned my BSc degree in Astronautial Engineering at the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. Thereafter, I earned my MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Koc University. In 2016, I moved to the USA to study PhD program. I currently hold MSc degree in Physics at the University of Kentucky.

You can access my CV here

Spring 2022

MA 114 - Calculus II - Math Excel

Fall 2021

MA 113 - Calculus I - Math Excel

Summer 2021

MA 114-Calculus II

Fall 2023

MA 138 - Calculus II with Life Science Applications