A list of sanskrit words extracted from epics (long > 1.4 m)

Sanskrit Goodies

Miscellaneous  Sound files

Rigveda recital 10.191 Rajtarangini 1 of 7 Rajtarangini 2 of 7 Rajtarangini 3 of 7
Rajtarangini 4 of 7 Rajtarangini 5 of 7 Rajtarangini 6 of 7 Rajtarangini 71 of 7

The original source for these is the diskettes which come with the Harvard Oriental Series volume 50 by van Nooten and Gary Holland. I have converted the original encoding to ITRANS, then applied conversion routines to add all the traditional accent marks based on the originally encoded jaatya svarita and udaatta markers. (The program was written by Shashi Sathaye).

The final ITRANS file is then processed to produce successively a dvi file, then a ps file and finally a gif file.

Please note that these are not meant for commercial use and released only for personal scholarly activity.

You can pick up the converted itx files here! 

The itx files for Devnagari Rigveda 
The source itx file as well as the ps and gif file are available for downloading by clicking below. There is a short and a long sample available. The long version consists of samples from different mandalas and the gif file is split into 7 separate pages.

The ITRANS file needs a front file which is included separately. The files are designed for ITRANS 5.0+.
Short Rigveda Sample Postscript Version Short Rigveda Sample Gif Version  Short Rigveda Sample ITRANS Version 
Long Rigveda Sample Postscript Version  Front file for all ITRANS files  Long Rigveda Sample ITRANS Version 

Page 1 GIF  Page 2 GIF Page 3 GIF Page 4 GIF Page 5 GIF Page 6 GIF Page 7 GIF
Naasadiiya Suukta Postscript Version 
Amarakosha Sample Postscript Version  Amarakosha Sample itx file 
Beginning of the ##amarakosha## recited  More audio samples from ##amarakoshe kaalavargaH## 


An excursion into QDATR

This is a set of qdatr files used for forming Sanskrit word declensions. The distribution of the qdatr program for standalone dos systems is best picked up from the source at: Software related to DATR

The DATR encoding was done by Greg Stump from the English department.

I have included a perl script  trynew.pl . The perl scripts expects that each word comes with a header, meaning, gender and 24 entries of declensions in standard order - exactly as generated by the file   sktf.dtr

Be careful to remove empty lines from the source file before you run the command:

perl trynew.pl <source_file>out_file.

The resulting out_file can be directly fed into Itranslator or used in the Itrans scheme.
Some ready files are:
 devdtr.txt - some processed words  and  devdtr.htm a viewable html file - with some font mistakes, though!

Feel free to browse thru the sktf.dtr to see how easily new words can be added/processed.
Let me know your feedback.

We hope to extend this  to all typical nominal forms and hopefully the verbs too, some day!