Midwest Commutative Algebra and Geometry Conference

Outside West Lafayette

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana
May 22 - 26, 2011

Poster Sessions

During the conference there will three poster sessions which will be held in the Math Library Lounge (3rd floor of the Math Building). The schedule is given below.

The poster sessions are particularly targeted to peridoctoral students who are given the opportunity to advertise their research among the conference participants in a very informal, relaxed but conducive atmosphere. It is our hope that junior researchers will benefit from this experience by obtaining feedback and suggestions for future lines of investigation from more experienced researchers.

Directions/Suggestions: We will provide individual 4'x6' rolling poster displays where you can show your poster. The poster could obviously be wider than this size. It would be wiser though if you bring your 'favorite' scissor, push pins, glue, tape, markers from home as we cannot guarantee that we can provide you with all the supplies that you might want/need.
We also encourage you to read the material posted at following links on how to plan and prepare a poster presentation:
  1. http://www.ce.umn.edu/~smith/supplements/poster/guide.htm
  2. http://www.siam.org/meetings/guidelines/poster.php
  3. http://www.siam.org/meetings/guidelines/presenters.php

May 23
May 24
May 25
Poster Session 1
  1.   Fulger
  2.   Witt
  3.   Cook
  4.   Smith
  5.   Lin
  6.   Mustopa

Poster Session 2
  1.   Boyle
  2.   Patnott
  3.   Anderson
  4.   Kim
  5.   Mantero
  6.   Nguyen

Poster Session 3
  1.   Mandal
  2.   Stone
  3.   Hernandez
  4.   Constantinescu
  5.   Henriques
  6.   Pospisil

Poster Titles/Presenters

  1. Local volumes on normal algebraic varieties   (pdf of poster)
    Aurel Mihut Fulger, University of Michigan
  2. An example of computing local cohomology
    Emily Witt, University of Michigan
  3. Enumerations deciding the weak Lefschetz property   (pdf of poster)
    David Cook II, University of Kentucky
  4. The core of certain strongly stable ideals
    Bonnie Smith, University of Kentucky
  5. Higher secant varieties of determinantal rings   (pdf of poster)
    Kuei-Nuan Lin, University of California-Riverside
  6. Quartic surfaces as linear Pfaffians
    Yusuf Mustopa, University of Michigan
  7. The unimodality of pure O-sequences of type three in three variables   (pdf of poster)
    Bernadette Boyle, University of Notre Dame
  8. Minimal free resolutions of general points on cubic surfaces   (pdf of poster)
    Megan Patnott, University of Notre Dame
  9. Nakayama's Lemma for Ext and ascent of module structures
    Benjamin Anderson, North Dakota State University
  10. When is an associated graded ring Cohen-Macaulay if it is a domain?   (pdf of poster)
    Youngsu Kim, Purdue University
  11. Cohen-Macaulayness of the conormal module of an ideal   (pdf of poster)
    Paolo Mantero, Purdue University
  12. Rees algebra of ideals with linear presentations
    Lan Nguyen, Purdue University
  13. Chern number formulas and consequences   (pdf of poster)
    Mousumi Mandal, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  14. Countable Cohen-Macaulay type and isolated singularities   (pdf of poster)
    Branden Stone, University of Kansas
  15. F-purity and log canonical singularities for hypersurfaces
    Daniel Hernandez, University of Michigan
  16. Parametrizations of ideals in K[x,y] and K[x,y,z]
    Alexandru Constantinescu, University of Basel
  17. Cohomology over quasi-complete intersections
    Ines Henriques, University of California-Riverside
  18. Classification of (co)tilting classes over commutative noetherian rings
    David Pospisil, Charles University in Prague