UK Algebra Seminar Schedule
Fall 2017

The UK algebra seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2 PM in POT 745, unless stated otherwise.  For more information, please contact Uwe Nagel or Nathan Fieldsteel.

Date Speaker Title
August 25 (Friday!!) Jared Antrobus Ferrers Diagram Codes
August 30 Nathan Fieldsteel Ideals of Geometrically Characterized Point Sets and Simplicial Complexes
September 6 Chris Manon An introduction to Khovanskii bases
September 13 Fernando Xuancheng Shao Value sets of polynomials modulo primes
September 20 Room Reserved for Grading
September 27 Bill Trok Unexpected Curves and Hyperplane Arrangements
October 4 Nathan Fieldsteel Topological Complexity and Graphic Hyperplane Arrangements
October 11 Chris Manon The path semigroup of a graph with applications to moduli spaces of geometric structures
October 18 Martha Yip A minimaj-preserving crystal on ordered multiset partitions. Special room: POT 112
October 25 James Maynard The strange consequences of Siegel zeros
November 1
November 8 Uwe Nagel Sequences of Symmetric Ideals
November 15 Room Reserved for Grading
November 22 Thanksgiving Holiday
November 29 Aida Maraj Markov Bases of Hierarchical Models
December 6 Tefjol Pllaha On quantum stabilizer codes derived from local Frobenius rings

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