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This course is a continuation of Math 113, Calculus I, and is designed for science and engineering majors. Math 114 develops a "toolbox" of techniques for computation and modeling that will help you understand and apply mathematical models of motion, chemical processes, biological processes, and circuits that you'll see in later pure and applied science courses. Building on the concepts of derivative and integral developed in Calculus I, we'll study:

  • Techniques of integration, both analytical (finding a formula) and numerical (computing a number)
  • Representing functions by power series
  • Representing motion in parametric and polar coordinates
  • Computing arc length, surface area, volume, and center of mass by integration
  • Modeling by differential equations

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in MA 113, MA 137, or MA 132.

Students may not receive credit for MA 114 and MA 138.

Learning outcomes: After completing this course students should clearly understand the fundamental concepts of one variable calculus and work effectively to solve problems using these concepts. Students should be able to:

(1) Compute integrals analytically using integration by parts, trig substitution and partial fractions
(2) Approximate definite integrals numerically and understand the limitations of numerical methods
(3) Recognize when a physical quantity can be computed using integral calculus
(4) Use integrals to compute arc length, surface area, and volume
(5) Determine the convergence or divergence of an improper integral, infinite sequence, or infinite series
(6) Describe plane curves using parametric and polar coordinates
(7) Analyze mathematical models involving first-order differential equations

Math 194

In addition to the 4 hours of credit for MA 114, the department offers one additional hour of credit as MA 194 on a pass/fail basis. MA 194 offers problem-solving practice and weekly quizzes on Thursdays (except during exam weeks). See the course calendar for daily recitation activities and weekly quizzes.

You will pass MA 194 if you have at most 2 unexcused absences during MA 114 recitations and you pass MA 114. If you fail MA 114 you will automatically fail MA 194. If you pass MA114 but have 3 or more unexcused absences in recitations, you will fail MA194.

You are responsible for bringing the recitation worksheets to recitation. Failure to bring the worksheets may be considered as an unexcused absence in the session.

Your section number for MA 194 has to be the same as your section number for MA 114. If you drop or change sections of MA 114, please make sure to also drop or change sections of MA 194. It is your responsibility to take care of this if you change sections; otherwise you risk a failing grade for MA 194 because you are not on the proper class roll.


Calculus (8th edition), by James Stewart. A custom paperback version published for UK is available from the bookstores. Students may choose a single-variable version that will be used for MA 113 and MA 114 (ISBN 978-1-337-005640-3), a full version that will be used for MA 113, MA 114, and MA 213 (ISBN 978-1-337-03059-5), or an electronic version with all chapters (ISBN 978-1-285-85826-5). Students may also use the standard hardback version (ISBN 978-1-285-74155-0). These are bundled with electronic access to the textbook.

E-Book Access

You purchased access to the eBook when you purchased your textbook. Instructions for accessing the eBook are available in the Student Quick Start Guide.

Our class access key is uky 3622 9307

Web Homework

You can access WebWork from Canvas:

(1) Go to the course homepage
(2) Click the "modules" link on the left-hand side of the page
(3) Click on "webwork" to go directly to your personal webwork account

Web homework is usually due Wednesdays and Fridays, but note that Webwork B1 is due on Monday, February 12, Webwork B4 is due on Monday, February 19 and Webwork D1 is due on Monday, April 16. Be sure to check the course calendar on a regular basis! See below for more information on Web Homework. Be sure that you understand the late homework policy.

Required Software

All students should have an up-to-date browse for Canvas, the i-clicker app from Reef polling, and a graphing calculator or a graphing program such as desmos, WinPlot, Grapher, Maple, Mathematica.


See below for the Recitation worksheets
Handout on Recursive Sequences for February 2
Course Calendar


Your grade is based on:

3 Exams (100 points each)
300 points
Final Exam
100 points
100 points
500 points

Your homework grade is based on:

Quizzes (4 points each)
Lecture attendence
Recitation attendance
Total divided by 3

Your letter grade is computed as follows:

Total (out of 500)
Final Course Grade

Here are the percentage weights for each component of the course:

Exams (3)
Final Exam
Web Homework

Midterm Grades

Mid-term grades will be posted on myUK by the deadline established in the Academic Calendar (

iClicker Polling

The lecture portion of your grade is based on active participation in lecture (the Mon-Wed-Fri meetings). You will participate in class using your phone, laptop, or other device with an internet connection. You will need to create an iClicker Student account and purchase a subscription. When setting up your account, please use your student ID number without the leading 9, and your official UK email address. A 180-day subscription costs $14.99, and can be purchased directly through iClicker or by buying an access code from one of the university bookstores. If you have any difficulties with obtaining an account or with bringing a phone or laptop to class, please see your instructor. If you are using iClicker Polling in another class this term, you only need one subscription. You can access our iClicker course by using the iClicker on the Modules tab of our Canvas course page.

See the video for more information about setting up an account.

You can access our iClicker course by using the iClicker Polling link on the Modules tab of our Canvas course page. See for more information about iClicker polling. If you have any difficulties with access to your account or with bringing a phone or laptop to class, please see your instructor.

More About Web-based Homework

You will complete homework online with WeBWorK, which grades your solutions and records your scores. Each homework set comes as a personal version. When entering answers to the personal version the system will tell you whether your answer is correct or not. Only correct solutions to your personal version of the homework assignment give you credit!

See the document titled Intro to WeBWorK for more information including instructions on how to log in.

The document How to enter Answers in WeBWorK gives more information about how to enter mathematics to answer questions in WeBWorK.

Please contact your instructor or teaching assistant if you have difficulty logging in or need to change sections.

The due date for each of these homework assignments is given on the corresponding web page as well as in the course calendar. Note that the WeBWorK sets are due at 11:59 PM on the due date. The due date on the WeBWorK server will be the most up-to-date information.

Late web homework will not be accepted. Shortly after the homework is due, solutions to many of the web homework problems will be made available through the WeBWorK server. If you have an unusual situation that prevents you from completing web homework, please contact your instructor. However, in general students will be expected to complete web homework even if they are traveling.

You can, at any time, find your current percentage score on WeBWorK by clicking Grades in the Main Menu on the left of most pages.

The Preview Answers button on each problem page will allow you to see your answer before you submit it. The Check Answers button allows you to check your answers. Using the Email instructor button, you can send email to your TA and your instructor to tell them that you have a question. In your e-mail, please describe your difficulties in as much detail as possible.

Keep in mind that it is not cheating to give or receive help on web homework.

Suggestions for working web homework:

  • Start to work on an assignment as soon as the corresponding material is discussed in lecture.
  • Print out the web homework and write out complete solutions of problems before attempting to submit answers. These solutions will be helpful in studying for exams and to bring to discussions with others.
  • Form a study group and meet regularly to discuss web homework and the material covered in lectures.
  • Make sure you understand your solution to each homework problem. Discuss your approach with members of your study group, your instructor, or peer tutors at the Mathskeller or the Study.
  • Do not guess. If you submit an answer and are marked wrong, look through your solution for computational and conceptual errors.
  • Near the bottom of many pages at WeBWorK, you will find a link to email your instructor. Please work to formulate clear questions in your email. We will work to answer emailed questions by the next work day. Instructors will not be able to answers questions sent the evening of a due date.

Getting Help

If you need help on reading, lecture materials, homework or studying, you can:

Please seek help promptly if you need it!

Late Homework Policy

No late submissions of web homework will be accepted. If an emergency or illness takes you away from school, please discuss your situation with your professor and ask to be excused from an assignment, if appropriate. If you have a scheduled absence (travel or authorized university absence) you must still submit the web homework by the deadline.

Excused Absences

Excused absences are granting according to University Senate Rule, which defines the following as acceptable reasons for excused absences: serious illness; illness or death of family member; University-related trips; major religious holidays; other circumstances your instructor finds to be "reasonable cause for nonattendance."

The procedure for handling an absence varies based on whether you are missing an exam, a lecture class, or a recitation class.

Missing an exam:

Absences from exams should be reported (in advance) on this form. Students who have university excused absences or who have university-scheduled class conflicts with uniform examinations need to make arrangements to take exam at an alternate time. According to university policy, it is the student's responsibility to resolve scheduling conflicts with common hour exams, and this must be done at least TWO WEEKS before the exam. If you fail to inform your instructor of exam conflicts in timely manner, a penalty may be assessed on your exam score and you will be required to take the exam at one of the already scheduled alternate exam times. To avoid any problems, request alternate exams here as soon as you know you may have a conflict.

Missing a lecture class:

For lecture attendance, your clicker grade will automatically allow you to have up to five excused absences without providing any documentation. If you are absent, please collect your documentation in a safe place and keep careful count. If you accumulate six or more EXCUSED absences from lecture, you should provide official documentation for ALL of the absences to your lecturer within one week of the sixth excused absence (and for any absence thereafter).

Missing a recitation class:

Recitation attendance is required. Because recitation meets only once a week, you should make every effort to attend. For policies about handling excused absences, see your recitation instructor for details. Contact information for your recitation instructors is here. Generally, you will be required to make up the work you miss in a timely fashion.

Disability Accommodations:

If you have documented disability that requires academic accommodations, please see your lecturer as soon as possible during scheduled office hours. In order to receive accommodations in this course, you must provide a Letter of Accommodation from the Disability Resource Center (Suite 407, Multidisciplinary Science Building, 859-257-2754, email address for coordination of campus disability services available to students with disabilities.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Kentucky faculty are committed to supporting students and upholding the University's non-discrimination policy.

Discrimination is prohibited at UK. If you experience an incident of discrimination we encourage you to report it to Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity (IEEO) Office, 13 Main Building, (859) 257-8927.

Acts of Sex- and Gender-Based Discrimination or Interpersonal Violence

If you experience an incident of sex- or gender-based discrimination or interpersonal violence, we encourage you to report it. While you may talk to a faculty member or TA/RA/GA, understand that as a "Responsible Employee" of the University these individuals MUST report any acts of violence (including verbal bullying and sexual harassment) to the University's Title IX Coordinator in the IEEO Office. If you would like to speak with someone who may be able to afford you confidentiality, the following are confidential resources on campus:


Class Schedule: Lectures

Sections Day/Time Room Lecturer Office E-Mail
001-004 MWF 8:00-8:50 CB 110 Harris POT 939
006-009 MWF 10:00-10:50 FB 200 Perry POT 755
010-014 MWF 12:00-12:50 FB 200 Tohaneanu POT 749
015-018 MWF 2:00-2:50 CB 100 Perry POT 755

Class Schedule: Recitations

Section Day/Time Room Instructor Office E-Mail
001 TR 8:00-09:15 JSB 103 Li POT 806
002 TR 9:30-10:45 JSB 103 Li POT 806
003 TR 11:00-12:15 CB 244 Gauthier POT 718
004 TR 12:30-1:45 CB 244 Gauthier POT 718
005 Closed        
006 TR 9:30-10:45 FB B2 Rojas POT 718
007 TR 11:00-12:15 CB 242 Pospisil POT 902
008 TR 12:30-1:45 CB 242 Slone POT 802
009 M 3:00-4:30
TR 2:00-3:30
MAHO 100
MAHO 203
Sahajpal MAHO
010 TR 11:00-12:15 THE90 219 Duncan 722 POT
011 TR 12:30-1:45 CP 111 Duncan 722 POT
012 TR 2:00-3:15 CB 335 Hadaidi POT 706
013 TR 3:30-4:45 CB 335 Hadaidi POT 706
014 M 3:00-4:30
TR 3:30-5:00
MAHO 203
MAHO 100
Antrobus MAHO
015 TR 12:30-1:45 CB 241 Pospisil POT 902
016 TR 2:00-3:15 CB 337 Willmott POT 906
017 TR 3:30-4:-45 CB 337 Willmott POT 906
018 M 3:00-4:30
W 3-4:30
R 3:30-5
CB 341
MAHO 203
MAHO 203
Bray POT 706

Exam and Review Schedule

You can find old exams from previous semesters here

Solutions to Spring 2018 Exams:  Exam 1   Exam 2   Exam 3

Exam Review Session Exam Date Exam Time Exam Rooms
Exam 1 Monday, February 5, 6:00-8:00 PM, FB 200 Tuesday, February 6 5:00-7:00 PM
001-004:   CP 139
006-008:   CP 153
009-011:   CP 155
012:   CP 220
013:   CP 222
014-015:   CP 320
016-017:   FB 200
018:   CP 139
Exam 2 Monday, March 5,
6:00-8:00 PM, FB 200
Tuesday, March 6 5:00-7:00 PM
001-004:   CP 139
006-008:   CP 153
009-011:   CP 155
012:   CP 220
013:   CP 222
014-015:   CP 320
016-017:   FB 200
018:   CP 139
Exam 3 Monday, April 9,
6:00-8:00 PM, FB 200
Tuesday, April 10 5:00-7:00 PM
001-004, 016-018 CP 139
006-008 CP 153
009-011 CP 155
012 CP 220
013 CP 222
014-015 CP 320
Final Exam Tuesday, May 1
6:00-8:00 PM, MEH
Wednesday, May 2 8:30-10:30 PM
001-004, 016-018 CP 139
006-008 CP 153
009-011 CP 155
012 CP 220
013 CP 222
014-015 CP 320

Lecture and Recitation Webpages

Prof. Larry Harris (Lecturer), MA 114 001-004
Prof. Peter Perry (Lecturer), MA 114 006-009 and 015-018
Prof. Mihai Tohaneanu (Lecturer), MA 114 010-014

Jared Antrobus, MA 114-014

Recitation Worksheets

You may download the worksheets individually or download a complete packet here. Worksheets 8, 16, 24, and 29 are review sheets for tests 1, 2, 3, and 4. Answers for the review worksheets only:

Worksheet 8 (Exam I Review) Worksheet 16 (Exam 2 Review) Worksheet 24 (Exam 3 Review)

Be sure to download the updated version of Worksheet 9!

Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 3 Worksheet 4  
Worksheet 5 Worksheet 6 Worksheet 7 Worksheet 8 (review)
Worksheet 9 Worksheet 10 Worksheet 11 Worksheet 12  
Worksheet 13 Worksheet 14 Worksheet 15 Worksheet 16 (review) (answers)
Worksheet 17 Worksheet 18 Worksheet 19 Worksheet 20  
Worksheet 21 Worksheet 22 Worksheet 23 Worksheet 24 (review) (answers)
Worksheet 25 Worksheet 26 Worksheet 27 Worksheet 28  
Worksheet 29 (review) (answers)      


There will be ten quizzes, one each Thursday in recitation, except during exam weeks. The quizzes will consist of one to two problems, and take about 15 minutes.

Solutions to quizzes will appear below (after the quizzes are given, of course)

Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4 Quiz 5
Quiz 6 Quiz 7 Quiz 8 Quiz 9 Quiz 10