An NSF Graduate K-12 Project

Algebra Cubed

National Science Foundation

Projects  by Cube Fellows  2006-2007

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Text Box: NUMB3RS: We All Use Math Everyday

Julie Gibbs

1. Pythagorean Theorem

2. Perpendicular Lines


Erin Militzer

1. Introduction to Algebra Cubed

2. Introduction to Fractions


Audrey Brock

1. Comparing Ratios

2. Probability and Expected Value


Joshua Roberts

1. R.I.P. M&M's


Sara Golebiewski

1. An Application of Congruence

2. Symmetry in Kaleidoscopes  


Julia Chifman

1. Algebra Projects:

           a. Fun with calendars

           b. Shadow Project

           c. Platonic Solids

2. Precalculus Projects:

           a. Light Beam

           b. Functions: Domain and Range

           c. NUMB3RS Activity

           d. Weight no more

           e. Platonic Solids