MA 330:  History of Mathematics
Fall 2021, MWF 1-1:50
Whitehall Classroom Building 337-CB

Instructor:  Dave Jensen
Office:  POT 733
Office Hours:  TBA


Schedule for the semester
Prehistorical Mathematics
8/23No reading, first day of class
Egyptian Mathematics
8/25Crest of the Peacock, Ch 3, pp 79-100
8/27Crest of the Peacock, Ch 3, pp 100-109, 119-122Essay 1
Mesopotamian Mathematics
8/30Crest of the Peacock, Ch 4, pp 125-144
9/1Words and Pictures: New Light on Plimpton 322
9/3No readingAssignment 1
Greek Mathematics
9/8Journey Through Genius, Ch 1, pp 1-11
9/10Journey Through Genius, Ch 1, pp 11-20Essay 2
9/13Shape, Ch 2, pp 9-32
9/15Euclid's Elements, Book I, Definitions I.1-I.23, Postulates I.1-I.5, Common Notions I.1-I.5, Proposition I.1, Proposition I.5, Proposition I.29
9/17Euclid's Elements, Book I, Proposition I.32, Proposition I.41, Proposition I.47Assignment 2
9/20Euclid's Elements, Books VII and IX, Proposition VII.31Proposition IX.14, Proposition IX.20
9/22Archimedes of Syracuse
9/24Archimedes on the Circumference and Area of a CircleEssay 3
Medieval Islamic Mathematics
9/27Episodes in the Mathematics of Ancient Islam, Ch 1, pp 7-10, 13-16, 31-33
9/29Episodes in the Mathematics of Ancient Islam, Ch 4, pp 124-126, 146-150
10/1Episodes in the Mathematics of Ancient Islam, Ch 7, pp 223-224Assignment 3
10/4No reading
Early Renaissance Mathematics
10/6Journey Through Genius, Ch 6, pp 133-147
10/8Journey Through Genius, Ch 6, pp 147-154Essay 4
Origins of Calculus
10/13A Brief History of Time, pp 181-182, God Created the Integers, pp 365-373
10/15Newton's Method of Fluxions, pp 94-95, parts 47, 48, 49Assignment 4
10/18Philosophers at War, Ch1, pp 1-9
10/20The Correspondence of Bernoulli and L'Hoptial pp 7-10
10/22The Bernoullis and the Harmonic SeriesEssay 5
Late Modern Period Mathematics
10/27God Created the Integers, pp 383-387
10/29God Created the Integers, pp 388-392Assignment 5
11/1God Created the Integers, pp 591-593
11/3God Created the Integers, pp 593-598
11/5God Created the Integers, pp 697-703Assignment 6
11/8God Created the Integers, pp 743-749
11/10The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage - The Origin, Wolfram's blog post from the top through "What Ada Actually Wrote"
11/12Jacquard's Web, pp 1-5, Wolfram's blog post from "What Ada Actually Wrote" to the endAssignment 7
Twentieth Century Mathematics
11/15David Hilbert, Wikipedia page on Hilbert's 23 Problems
11/17Mathematicians Under the Nazis, Ch 3, pp 42-65
11/19Mathematicians Under the Nazis, Ch 3, pp 65-84Essay 6
11/22Mathematicians Under the Nazis, pp 125-127 (Landau), 442-450 (Teichmuller), 455-461 (Hausdorff), 477-480 (Kahler) 
11/29Refugee Mathematicians in the United States of America, 1933-1941
12/1AWM Newsletter on Emmy Noether, pp 1-9
12/3Alan Turing - A Short Biography, Yours in Distress, AlanEssay 7
12/6How Julia Robinson Helped Define the Limits of Mathematical Knowledge
12/8No reading