I am an Assistant Professor in the mathematics department at the University of Kentucky.

From 2016-2017 I was a postdoc at the University of Regensburg. From 2014-2016 I was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. From 2011-2014 I was a CLE Moore Instructor at MIT. My Ph.D. advisor was Charles Rezk at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I work on interactions between algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, representation theory, and arithmetic geometry. Specifically, I am interested in Morava E-theory and the relationship between chromatic heights.

This semester I am primarily working with Tobias Barthel, Dan Berwick-Evans, Lukas Brantner, Markus Hausmann, Niko Naumann, Thomas Nikolaus, Justin Noel, Eric Peterson, Sune Precht Reeh, Tomer Schlank, and Chris Schommer-Pries on a variety of projects.

I may be contacted at nat.j.stapleton at gmail.com. My office is POT 765.

Here is my CV.


Expository and Notes

Talk Notes


I have contributed code to Macaulay 2. In particular, I wrote the package RationalPoints.m2 and coauthored the packages GenericInitialIdeal.m2, NoetherNormalization.m2, and Regularity.m2. Currently, I am working with an undergraduate lab group at Kentucky to add code to Sage to work with formal group laws. Here is a calculation of the universal formal group law.


In the spring of 2012 I took a print-making class at MIT. Some of my art is below:


Here are some of my collaborators:

Tobias Barthel, Mark Behrens, Dan Berwick-Evans, Martin Frankland, Bert Guillou, Aaron Mazel-Gee, Justin Noel, Kyle Ormsby, Eric Peterson, Sune Precht Reeh, Tomer Schlank, Chris Schommer-Pries, David Spivak, Vesna Stojanoska.