Contact Information

Jack Schmidt <>
Department of Mathematics
713 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027
(512) 522-5137 (text)
(859) 257-1429
(859) 257-4078 FAX

Teaching information

MA111 Fall 2015 and MA109 Fall 2015

Old courses:

Research Interests

My research work is focused in noncommutative algebra and relative homological algebra, usually with a computational aspect. More specifically I have studied certain extremal examples of a special class of p-groups that arise as a co-Galois groups of flat covers over number rings. Additionally I have developed algorithms for the computation of some Gorenstein homological invariants of algebro-integral group rings.

Most of my computational work is done with the invaluable assistance of the GAP computer algebra system and the work of its authors and contributors. Recently I have become the maintainer of the perfect groups library and am working on completing the classification it represents and providing useful and efficient finding aids for the information it provides.


You may be interested in slides for past and upcoming presentations.

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